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"Hoo" Bracelet (S)

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  • Main material: 925 Sterling Silver & Natural Leather

"Hoo" Bracelet (S) | هو

From the "Heyrani" Collection

Handmade Typography 

Material: Silver & Natural Leather

Leather Color: Black


The "Heyrani" Collection | Inspired by the poetry and mystical philosophy rooted in the East, the designs for this collection are influenced by the study and contemplation of these concepts.

Heyrani | Hoo | "Hoo" is a simple two-letter word, a minimalist representation of the various forms of the Divine. The letter "هـ" contains "واو" (Vav) within it, and "واو" contains "هـ" (Ha) within it, both hidden and manifest.

"Hoo" is God, and everyone has a divine essence within them. "Hoo" is a more encompassing word than "Allah," and it encompasses all gods of religions and beliefs. Even atheists and agnostics have a "Hoo," and each person's "Hoo" has its own color and state.

Linguistically, "Hoo" in the Sufi tradition is an abbreviation of "هُوَ," referring to the Divine. "Ya Hoo" means "Oh God" (Note: Dehkoda Persian Dictionary).

In the Arabic language, "Hoo" is a pronoun (singular masculine absent). In Indo-European languages, "Hoo" is seen in the initial part of words like "هنر: هونر" (honar) and carries the meaning of goodness and excellence. "Hoo" was previously "Su" and entered Indo-European languages through Sanskrit. The "س" (s) at the beginning of some words transformed into "هـ" (h), such as "سِندو" (sendoo) to "هندو" (hendo) and "سوسن" (soosan) to "هومن" (hooman), as well as "سکامنیشا" (skamnisha) to "هخامنشیان" (hakhmanshian). As a result, "سو" (soo) with the meaning of goodness and excellence became "هو" (hoo).


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