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Najva Erfani
United Kingdom
Member Since April 2022
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Artist and illustrator Najva Erfani was born in 1984 in Iran. She is an artist with significant experience in the field of painting and drawing. Throughout her artistic career, she has participated in several exhibitions and won awards. Her artistic activities include music album cover design, mural painting, literary book cover design, children's book illustration and poster design. Her work is influenced by ancient Iranian literature, mythology, art, and culture.

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  1. Queen Series
  2. Queen Series 100*70
  3. Queen Series 100*70
  4. Queen Series 100*70
  5. Queen Series 100*70
  6. Queen Series
  7. Queen Series VI
  8. Queen Series 100*70
  1. Goddess Ishtaar I
  2. Goddess Ishtaar II
  3. Goddess Ishtaar III
  4. Goddess Ishtaar IV
  5. Goddess Ishtaar V
  1. Iran khanoom
  2. Fairy Cinema
  3. Monallisa metamorphosis
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