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House of Persia
  1. Little Role With Her Pillow And Blanket Doll
  2. Morgh e Amin Earrings
  3. Handpainted wooden spoon
  4. Handmade doll Agha Joon
  5. Talaat With Tehmeh Coat Handmade Doll
  6. Mr. Dezfooli Handmade Persian Doll
  7. Dokhtar Bandari Doll
  8. Nan Joon Doll
  9. Mahboob Jan With Forghoon Handmade Doll
  10. Agha Jan Key Chain
  11. Persian Tv Character Mammal Doll
  12. Lady From Gheshm Island- Dokhte Banderoo
  13. Handmade Iranian doll Gholam Javad
  14. Persian handpainted wooden cheese board
  15. Handmade doll Shahrbanoo
  16. Handmade doll Nane ye gholam Javad
  17. Three Handmade Persian sisters dolls
  18. Soghra Khanoom Doll
  19. Handmade Doll For Haftseen Longi Haji Firooz
  20. Handmade Persian Character Hasan Kachal Doll
  21. Khatoon With Her Child And Boghcheh From Northern Iran
  22. Sakineh Zan Amoo Doll
  23. Handpainted wooden cheese board
  24. Handpainted wooden bottle opener
  25. Handmade doll Atish Pareh
  26. Qajar Key Chain
  27. Handmade Iranian Doll Mandes Shahbal
  28. Handmade Doll Looti Mash Mammad
  29. Two Sisters Handmade Persian Dolls
  30. Fer Fer Ol Molook And Agha Safa 4khoone Doll
  31. Handmade Iranian doll Susan
  32. Handmade doll Siya
  33. Handmade doll Tahereh
  34. Ghajar Key Chain
  35. Khanjoon With Tehmeh Coat Handmade Doll
  36. Kadoo Ghelghelehzan

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