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Handamade persian pattern jacket made with traditional pateh fabric

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  • Fully Handmade
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  • Main material: Pateh and Chiffon
  • Weight: 1.00 lbs

Handmade Persian pattern jacket made with traditional pateh fabric.

The size is adjustable from 36 to 40. Small to Med.


Pateh (Persian: پته,: pæte; also Romanized as pateh) is an Iranian traditional needlework folk art. It originated in and is largely associated with Kerman province, where women produce it. A broad piece of wool fabric (ariz) is needlework with colored thread.

Pateh needlework is done in silk and with flourishes of paisley patterns. Popular designs include the cypress tree and the sun, both of which are traditional pre-Islamic Persian symbols.
Pateh originated and developed in Kerman province. Although its exact origin is unclear, it is assumed that it was influenced by Kerman rug weaving and thus does not predate the latter.The oldest pateh known is dated to the 18th century.

Many valuable pateh pieces are held in art museums, particularly in Tehran. The oldest and most valuable pateh known is kept in the Astaneh Museum in Mahan, Kerman and dates to 1294 AH (1877 CE). It was created over the course of three years by twelve women. Governor Shahab al-Mulk ordered its creation so that it could be dedicated to the shrine of Shah Nimatullah Wali, a dervish and poet who was born in Kerman.
Pateh mainly consists of two parts: "shawl" (ariz) and thread {ris}. The ariz is a thick cloth, usually wool, and the thread that is worked into it is colored wool. Threads are dyed naturally, usually with henna, pomegranate, madder or the walnut's green husk.

The patterns used in Pateh are normally divided into two main groups: "The Paisley" and "The Tree". One of the most popular patterns consists of four Paisleys on the corners and a toranj at the centre. Sometimes flower bouquets are being used instead of paisley. Another common design is called mihrab in which an arch is being made on the top of the pateh. However, one of the essential parts in a design for pateh is margin which is typically filled with flowers or different kinds of paisley.


A brief on Rees O Areez collection

For her, it has always been about pictures and memories from Pateh pillows (Iranian traditional needlework folk art from Kerman province). Lacquered circular tablecloths (which always had a big fern in the middle) and stacked backs (which we used to make a house) in the reception at Grandpa's house, reminiscent of the excitement of big family parties. The pleasant warmth of the days that were full of laughter and the pleasant smell of grandmother's food has remained alive and shining. The warm image of the grandmother's neighbours sewing colorful fabrics still inspires me with a sense of vitality and pure beauty.

In fact, the design of this collection with precious handmade fabrics "pate" is for her a tribute to this authentic, beautiful and elegant Iranian art. This collection has several types of fabrics that make up the main fabric of this collection "pate". And taffeta, satin and net fabric have been used in this collection in line with the design goal.


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