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Dagger from Fantasy series

Dagger from Fantasy series

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  • Located in United States
  • Available Quantity: 1
  • Year created in: 2020
  • Main material: Color pencil & ink on two layers of rice paper
  • Dimensions: 70 x 50 Centimiters
  • Ready to ship in 14 business day(s)
  • This is a unique piece
  • Certificate of autehntication is included
  • Weight: 0.50 lbs

Early Renaissance and mysterious medieval paintings have always fascinated me.
Collecting some images from the medieval and Renaissance period, particularly Bonezzo Gozzoli’s and Andrea Mantegna inspired me in this series.

Fantasy series, like all other my projects, is developed by gathering the information and images found from Google search based on free associations, dreams, fears, curiosities, love and dreads.


The project is a mind collage, created by assembling non-relevant images together.

By collecting memories and fantasies, then patching the fragmented symbolic cultural elements, these works have emerged. The aim is showing the connection between present and past in a mysterious way. and also there is a nostalgic feeling in the whole finished painting which is about the past whether East or West. 



Each work has two layers, the first layer is a landscape, inspired by European  Renaissance period and the second layer which is on Japanese rice paper might be inspired by East Asian or Persian old painting or even contemporary design and fashion industry mixed with my nightmares  about insects. The figures and animals on the second layer, are apart from the surroundings. They mostly appear flat and two dimensional. Their smooth curviness, miniaturist, lissome dance notwithstanding, they are much like shadow puppets, whose being is determined by their distance to the source of light. The puppet look characters exist, like shadows in the global theater stage.


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