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  1. Pesrian Light Blue Fish Vintage Long Necklace
  2. MALOOS adjustable ring - Persian jewelry- Oriental
  3. HOMA adjustable ring - Persian jewelry- Mandala
  4. PARISA earrings, non-matching with Persian pattern - Persian tile design Earrings - Persian jewelry- Oriental - asymmetric
  5. PARISIMA tear drop miniature persian tile design old painting earrings
  6. DARYA threader chain earrings - fish - asymmetrical
  7. MALOOS stud earrings
  8. ELMIRA tear drop earrings -Persian tile design Earrings - Persian jewelry - fancy - Oriental
  9. HOMA Eslimi Persian pattern cufflinks for men
  10. Homa / Firooz Lapel Pin For Men
  11.  Blue tile persian pattern earrings FIROOZEH
  12. SOTOODEH two layer beaded bracelet
  13. ROXANA vintage earrings ROXANA
  14. TOORAN earrings
  15. SHABNAM drop earrings
  16. Tara Star Persian Geometric Earrings
  17. Persian Patterned Ava Headband
  18. Persian Patterned Sarouk Headband
  19. SETAREH earring star shaped
  20. SAHAR earrings - Persian jewelry
  21. Arezoo Persian Tile Design Earrings
  22. Diana Long Necklace With Persian Tile Design
  23. Persian pattern HOMA headband - Eslimi design
  24. SAHAR adjustable ring - Persian jewelry- Oriental - Mandala
  25. SOTOODEH wristband
  26. NIRVANA double layer leather choker - Persian motif medaillon -Gothic necklace
  27. BOHO dangle earrings - Ethnic - Tribal - Moroccan
  28. AFRA tiny Persian earrings, Middle Eastern - Oriental
  29. GOLBARG Blue Yellow Oriental dangle earrings - Persian tile design Earrings - Persian jewelry- yoga - Mandala
  30. AVISH asymmetrical earrings
  31. SIMIN tiny cute earrings- Middle Eastern -Persian tile
  32. SHIMA choker - Persian motif medallion - velvet grey
  33. HOMA Eslimi pattern tassel earrings, Fringe earrings
  34. SOHA adjustable ring - Persian jewelry- Mandala
  35. TARA Spiral earrings
  36.  Persian Motif Medallion Colorful Scarf Necklace - Nadiya
  37. Persian Motif Medallion Blue Scarf Necklace - -Shilan
  38. Persian Tile Design Parinaz Long Necklace
  39. MAHDOKHT earrings, old Persian miniature painting design
  40. two sided eslimi earings Niloofar
  41. SOHA elegant necklace
  42. HOMA tie pin for men
  43. Leili Majnoon Dangling Earrings
  44. GOLBARG Blue yellow Persian tile design ring - adjustable ring - Historic - Ancient
  45. Soltan Locket Necklace With Ancient Persian Tile Design - Historic - Persian Treasure
  46. HOMA tassel necklace -Persian tile design - Persian jewelry- Oriental - fringe - tassel
  47. NILOOFAR Lotus design dangle earrings - Persian lotus - Persian tile design Earrings - Persian jewelry- Oriental - chakra
  48. NAAR iznik tile design dangle earrings - Seljuk - ottoman
  49. HAMSA earrings -Folk - Traditional
  50. CHIKA Middle Eastern Ottoman design Earrings - Seljuk - red and blue - turkish
  51. KHANOOM BAJI ceramic bead Earrings -hand painted - mamushka Russian
  52. Sepideh vintage earrings- Persian Eslimi design
  53. Purse Table Hanger Persian Style Swivel Bag Hook Folding - Sahar
  54. Persian Calligraphy Cream Tote Bag, Cheshmeh
  55. Personalized Double Side Custom Key ring - Photo Key chain- Sogand
  56. Unique Colorful Neckerchief With Fashion Jewelry
  57. Persian Unique Customized Wristband Plus Necklace
  58. SAHAR tassel necklace -Persian tile design
  59. GOLABATOON patterned lace choker - Persian motif medallion - Gothic necklace
  60. TORANJ tile design Earrings

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