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Founded in New York City in 2013, is the first and only global online marketplace with a mission to bring culturally rich artists, artisans, designers, and artistic service providers from unique corners of the globe to introduce and sell their products or services worldwide and to their diaspora and Western audiences. is proud to home more than 480 sellers from Central Asia and Middle East.  As an exchange marketplace, we have created a pool of independent designers, artists, and service providers to showcase their art, products, and services directly to shoppers.

The Founder of, a modern multi-cultural woman, grew up in Tehran. Along with a group of friends, she was able to set up underground fashion shows and exhibitions to sell her avant-garde handmade apparel and home décor in the capital city of Tehran. Although very successful, the group had no way of introducing their designs to the outside world.

Upon graduating from Azad University of Art and Architecture in Tehran she moved to New York in 2002, where she fell head over heels with the Big Apple. While missing the support of her friends in Tehran and on the verge of losing confidence in her crafts, she decided to embark on a new career path. She studied at New York University and earned a Master’s degree in Graphic Communications Management and Technology. This led her to enter the world of online media. After working for some New York and Boston top ad and media agencies, she decided to create this platform to give a voice to her friends, as well as other underground artists. ALANGOO is her brainchild.


Our Passion, Mission, and Impact


ALANGOO's passion is celebrating culture and authenticity. Something that money can never buy. It must be cherished, respected, and kept alive. There are many ways to do so, but we decided to show it off with unique pieces of art to wear, fine art and pieces that can be displayed in homes. strives to bring attention to the hidden, under-stated, rich cultures and talents in regions where thousands of artis, artisans, and designers exist.  At we are the voice of beautiful stories that each talent and individual like the founder’s friends has.  

Stories of love, passion, pride, faith, political isolation, freedom and so much more.

We are proud to be able to showcase beautiful designs, amazing designers, and so many creative artists to the world.  

We believe in a community. Community of immigrants. Community of those who were forced to leave their homeland and to find home in other countries.  To call another country home, create a community and share their culture with them. Over the creation of, we are proud to be home to many talented artists and artisans. Helped many grow and gained recognition within our global community and will continue to do so, proudly.