Zargoon Jewelry was established in 2012 by Maryam Farhadi and Noushin Hedayatpour, who have been professionally trained in jewelry design and gold/silver smith.
They began their activities by presenting their artworks in several seasonal exhibitions, and in 2013, they unveiled their new line of work which was gold and silver jewelries, designed by the combination of Persian typography with semi-precious stones in “Mash-e-Eshgh” event. They also successfully gained the attention of audience by exposing their artworks in UAE, USA, and Canada.
Zargoon Jewelry’s use of a combination of modern and classical patterns, which are basically traditional Persian styles, with both 18-carat gold and silver materials has helped them to design unique artworks.
Zargoon Jewelry’s mission is to acquaint people with the varieties of gemstones and to make its artworks widely available for art lovers all over the world

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