Zameeg! U.S. made fashionable street chic t-shirt Line featuring handmade artwork to remember the importance of preserving the Earth... Zameeg is a Persian ancient word meaning earth and Defending the Earth is the reason we partnered together to build this brand. Our goal is to inspire everyone to join our commitment to preserve the earth and protect nature. Our method of inspiration is combining fine art with sustainable clothing to remind you every day of our journey. Our dedication to the earth is so strong that every step of the process is eco-friendly.The shirts are handcrafted in Southern California using USA made fabrics and local labor. We spendmany hours sourcing like-minded knitters, contractors and printing companies. Only companies committed to low or no waste, re-usable and ethical treatment of employees will be used. Our plan is to be a role model for ethical fashion that is inspirational, since we believe clothing should be enjoyable, meaningful and beautiful. We want everyone to be inspired to wear Zameeg at gatherings, work, parties...Almost everywhere! At Zameeg, this is our heart and soul; ethical fashion, eco-friendly, inspiration and commitment to the earth. All our tee shirts are made to order in our commitment to only using the resources necessary. We do not want to add waste to the planet we love and live in. Therefore we are getting pre-orders on ALANGOO website, and with your help and support we would be able to get this project going

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