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Who Can Sell?

ALANGOO is constantly on the lookout for creative-minded individuals. You can start the application form to us if:

  • You're an artist who creates fine art
  • You are an artisan who hand make pretty pieces wearable or non wearable for adults, kids and/or home
  • You are an independant designer of any wearable collection for adults and/or kids, even if you don't make them with your own hands
  • You are an independent designer of items for home even if you don't make them with your own hands
  • You provide a service in creative industry from fashion to photography and pottery making
  • Your provide a creative method of teaching kids via art or other unique methods
  • You are not any of the above but you are a presenter of the above and have full permission of opening a shop for them with platforms and marketplaces
  • Sometimes we also consider chefs artists! Because they could be. If you make any unique and luxury edible item, you can still fill out the application



Submitting the application to our team is very simple and takes a few minutes. You need to start with creating an account with us. You can do that either by clicking on the START SELLING button or by clicking on the registration icon or account tab (on mobile). After you create your ALANGOO account, you will have an option in your dashboard to "become a seller". That's when you need to fill out the short form.

Every artist and seller featured on will undergo an online screening process conducted by our curators. This process will succeed in determining if the artists’ style or craftsmanship matches our standards at Please note: our team is very sensitive about the copyright of designers and sellers.