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  • Located in United States
  • Available Quantity: 0
  • Year created in: 2012
  • Main material: Acrylic, oil, hand made carpet & string
  • Dimensions: 150 x 150 Centimiters
  • Ready to ship in 14 business day(s)
  • This is a unique piece
  • Certificate of autehntication is included
  • Weight: 1.10 lbs

I constantly asking "what is the necessity?"

I believe in the kind of art which is reacting and give meaning to its context and environment and observe historical relation between them. oursurroundings are a part of who we are therefore as an artist, it is important to constantly change the perspective and reconsider and review, how you look at things. In my art practice, I make an effort to
find new relations between scattered thoughts about nature, morality, resistance, the Sisyphean state
of the world. the more I study, the more I believe in the importance of human responsibility to nature
and learn from nature and history how to resist and endure in a power system. The concepts of my
works are mainly informed by myths, literature, and historical narratives, as well as human characters in
these stories, and these myths are often compared to the contemporary situation in their social identity
and context. I challenge environmental issues with a mythical, historical approach, which is at the same
time contemporary, and expressed them through my visual language. My attitude is to utilize signs,
symbols, and narratives in my work to express my concerns properly.
my medium of choice is usually painting/drawing, but I have incorporated different media and
techniques into my practice to correspond with the concepts of my works, e.g. printmaking, video,
animation, diverse industrial materials to better express the ideas behind my artworks.


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