Farbod is a 24 year old young Iranian artist who graduated from the prestigious Central Saint Martins College, part of the University of London with first class honors in Architecture. Following the successful completion of his academic research, he began his work in the field of graphic design. Not only had graphic design was one of his areas of interests since the age of 14, but his creative idea and expression of his artistic intelligence found a way out through his graphic designs and this field eventually became second nature to his daily life. He furthered his passion into a larger perspective in his professional career and established his very own fashion brand, 'The Bad Shepherd'. Farbod's artworks are a unique blending of his theoretical knowledge by using architecture, geometry and graphic designs amalgamated together with mystical Persian culture as his main inspiration and a reflection of his roots. The Bad Shepherd is worldly renowned for its unique brand of sharp edge, directional Persian t-shirt , clothing and Apple accessories . Our products are high quality and mostly handmade merchandise in limited edition. We are located in London town, the global heart of fashion. Our mission is to use traditional authentic Persian and Middle Eastern art and culture and coalesce them into modern techniques.

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