Take the curve for a walk! The beauty of Farsi typography and calligraphy is not hard to recognize. These beautiful lines and curves are inspiring many designers from graphic design, fashion and architecture every day, but how designers use these inspirations is what differentiates them from one another. Similar to Farsi typography, the human figure involves so many curves and lines and that’s what makes fashion and Farsi typography a great match. How these two sets of lines respond to each other create pure beauty. At Studio Zhe, we are creating a unique collaboration of these arts in our products to impress art lovers and fashionistas all over the world. Our professional team of designers do their best to keep the beauty of Persian art in fashion and product design, individually and collectively, as our primary goal and we take this beautiful art out to the world and create the opportunity for other design and art lovers from different countries and cultures to get to know this art and fall in love with it.

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