Soheil Tavakoli graduated with honors in Architecture from Beheshti University and then embarked on his artistic activities in painting. His Master of Arts thesis dealt with the city of Tabas, which was leveled in an earthquake in 1978. His idea was to design and create an underground city for which he also designed the architectural plan of an art and educational center. In 1995 he demonstrated his artistic maturity by participating in Mashhad's Grand Architecture Competition where he received top awards. Soheil also designed a center commissioned by the Tehran City Hall in 1997 as well as taking part in numerous exhibitions in architecture, interior architectural design and furniture design . In 1998, Soheil studied the modern literary works of the renowned Iranian author and poet, Ahmad Shamlou. Pondering over the poems, he fathomed the world vision of this great Iranian poet who emphasized human rights and individual freedom. In an exceptional meeting with Ahmad Shamlou, Soheil proposed and presented his design for Shamlou's memorial, naming it "The Iranian Greats Memorial Park." Soheil developed his final exhibition in Tehran, in 2002, called "Exit" where he displayed his inspirational hand-crafted furniture and several oil paintings, stressing the dreams of the new generation of Iranians. In Spring of 2004, Soheil left Iran for the US in search of a more dynamic and understanding society. He worked on several architectural projects in California and Nevada and also designed and manufactured his line of furniture in Scottsdale, Arizona. On June 12, 2009 and after a highly disputed presidential election in Iran, Soheil found the opportunity to join several demonstrations in different U.S. cities and demanded freedom and democracy in Iran using his talent in art and visual media. Because of the high impact of his activities, he was interviewed by several press agencies such as VOA and BBC.

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