I consider myself a self-taught painter, ceramic artist, jewelry and accessory designer. I can't remember the last time I didn't have my sketchbook by my bed, ever since I was a child! Drawing my imaginations and later bringing them to life through various media (such as clay, paint, textile and metal) has always been a great passion of mine. Here you can find my most recent accessories and clutch designs, fully handmade by me. Most of my work here is inspired by my love for Rumi, every item is fully hand made and as a result most will be limited editions (very few quantities) and occasionally unique. I believe what one chooses to wear, makes a statement about who they are and what they value. It provides a glimpse into their personality without having to say a single word. My dream is to create art that can make personal connection with its wearer and I feel rewarded when my work speaks to someone’s soul.

Favorite Items