sabā jam is the celebration-in-a-jar of the local, organic fruits at the peak of their season. The jams are handmade in San Francisco in small batches and low sugar; the shorter cooking time makes for a delectable and luscious fruit preserves and the low sugar content preserves the natural fruit just right. Saba started jammin’ (yes, go ahead, sing the song!) four years ago in a quest to preserve the beautiful bounty of California and share it with those longing for that fresh, bright, height of the season flavor. saba jams are colorful tasty treats meant to brighten every occasion: your classic PB&J or toast+butter+orange marm; or maybe you like a little surprise on your cheese platter with the apricot+chili or plum+pepper (with pretzel and pilsner!); what about a nice kick with cherry+bourbon; or add a little touch of Mediterranean with the quince marmalade or that lip smacking fig jam.

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