On a trip to Lake Tahoe, in 2010, Tannaz, the designer and creator of this line, fell in love with a little store full of semi precious stones and charms. She decided to make a bracelet for her self by combining the perfect stones and charms. Upon her return to New York, She realized there was great love and interest from everyone who saw this bracelet. Aware of her unique artistic abilities, friends and family alike were all asking her to create a bracelet for them. This inspired Tannaz to create the collection Niru (ENERGY) by Tannaz by combining her artistic vision with her middle Eastern background and curiosity for spirituality. Since all stones carry energy and signify something to each individual, she decided to call this line Niru by Tannaz. Niru is the Farsi word for Energy. After all we are all made up of Niru at our core so what better way to fulfill on her mission to heal the world! NiruNYC's sister company Twenty 12 Fashion is a clothing line dedicated to making high end comfortable spiritual wear.

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