Nasim Rose is an industrial designer and has a MA degree from Art University of Tehran. She was always interested in Jewelry design as a hobby but she did her first serious experiment while she was a student, making wooden jewelry sets and selling them in local stores. However working as a professional industrial designer after graduation didn’t let her continue her true passion, jewelry making. After 17 years of being a designer and teaching design at Art University of Tehran, Azad University and University of Applied Science and Technology, she decided to follow her true passion; fashion accessories design. Her aesthetic and material knowledge and experience, helps her to make more elegant pieces. She had her first private show in Tehran in 2010. And she has presented her collections in a few local shows and exhibitions in Portland OR. In her simple but elegant pieces, she uses different types of metal and gemstone. Each piece is individually designed and hand made with great care, passion and obsession to details. They all are affected by design elements like balance, textural and proportional composition, and speak a combination of creativity with elegance.

Favorite Items