Mehdi Mashayekhi (1988) fashion and textile designer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Graduated 2018 from ArtEZ fashion design in Arnhem, The Netherlands
In his work, he combines material experimentation, innovation in construction and presenting new craftsmanship. His ultimate goal is to combine high-end fashion with material innovation which is wearable. Besides technical point of view, his work has a narrative/ conceptal part which translates a vision in the most abstract shapes, in the way that every piece has a story/ concept behind that.

the collection which is presented on this platform is more wearable part of his work. menswear tailoring and innovative pattern making/draping are his way of design. in this way, special attention to the details and perfect fit are the essentials.
He tries to show a softer part of masculine menswear. A relaxed, nonchalant and laid-back feeling sits behind every piece while is dressed up.

Favorite Items