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I have a Master's Degree in Architecture, I think there are so many similarities between jewelry and architecture.  My training as an architect has helped me make jewelry.






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  1. Taj Brown stone Necklace
    Taj Brown stone Necklace
    FREE shipping
  2. Taj Crown Silver Earring with  pearl
  3. Taj Crown Silver Earring with Orange stone and pearl
  4. Pahlavi Coin Necklace
    Pahlavi Coin Necklace
    FREE shipping
  5. Qajar Vintage Coin Necklace
    Qajar Vintage Coin Necklace
    FREE shipping
  6. Shiro Khorshid
    Shiro Khorshid
    FREE shipping
  7. Shir O Khorshid Cufflinks
    Shir O Khorshid Cufflinks
    FREE shipping
  8. Shiro Khorshid Necklace with Green Stone