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Feelings are very important to me and art can be a way of expressing those emotions without a word. I see jewelry as a portable and interactive form of art. I make the piece but it is the person wearing it who makes it come alive. By choosing a particular accessory you can tell the world who you are, what you stand for, even how your day has been so far!

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  1. Persian Calligraphy Shirzan Clutch
    Persian Calligraphy Shirzan Clutch
    Special Price $150.00 Regular Price $199.00
  2. Land Of Pomegranate Clutch
    Land Of Pomegranate Clutch
    Special Price $130.00 Regular Price $199.00
  3. Persian Calligraphy Superhero Clutch
    Persian Calligraphy Superhero Clutch
    Special Price $140.00 Regular Price $199.00
  4. Marbled Paisley Leather Hand Painted Necklace
  5. Marbled Fire & Water Leather Hand Painted Necklace
  6. Marbled Ocean & Earth Leather Hand Painted Necklace
  7. Marbled Raindrops Leather Hand Painted Necklace
  8. Marbled Cloud & Wind Leather Hand Painted Necklace