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We are honored to use traditional hand-woven Persian rugs, including Kilim and Jajim, in order to manufacture very durable and colorful products such as bags and furniture. Every step from processing and dying the wool to weaving the corresponding handmade rug and shaping it into the final product is done under our professional supervision.
Dying the wool, one of the most important parts of process of manufacturing Kilim and Jajim, has always garnered great attention at our company. We believe that chemical dyes are not suitable for our long-lasting handmade products as they fade over the time, so we use some authentic herbal dyes. This also makes our products hand-washable which is not a common property of other bags on the market.
As our products are handmade, every product is unique with a different color from other products of the same design/size. This depends on the color and the part of the original rug which brings diversity to our products. Each rug is woven by an amazing Persian artist who is never short of patterns (taken from nature) in his/her mind.
Handwoven bags made of Kilim and Jajim, two of the most beautiful Persian rugs.
We are manufacturer of various ranges of very high quality bags including back packs, hand bags, shoulder bags, purses, and wallets all made of Kilim and Jajim.

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