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After graduating with a BS degree in architecture in 2012, I found myself enjoying the art of handcrafted jewelry. As a beginner I dedicated only a couple hours a day working at a studio, but after just a few weeks I began spending more than half of my days in the studio. Making jewelry became an important part of life. My interest in creation and background in architecture inspired me to design and make handmade jewelry. Making something beautiful from a piece of metal that does not have any initial beauty, gives me great pleasure. All my art is uniquely handmade, and I make every single piece with care, thought and love for each and every one of my customers. After leaving home, besides missing family and friends, I also missed making my handcrafted jewelries. So not long after moving to the U.S. I made my dream come true by continuing my work here. I usually do all my designs by myself, but my valuable customers are very welcome to share their design ideas with me and it is my honor to bring their thoughts to the real world.

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