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Persian Art has given the world some of its most beautiful things. We tend to forget .
However the true legacy of Persian culture is revealed in the nuance and ingenuity of its art and architecture. From the beginning of its history Persian Art has reached across cultural, political and geographic boundaries to create a coherent artistic heritage.
Throughout Persian art, the use of color, decoration, pattern and design is highly distinct. Complex geometric designs and patterns create the impression of unending repetition summoning a sense of the infinite.
Different styles range across the centuries used to decorate everything from the largest monumental buildings to the smallest of everyday objects. Persian Art rulers lived in great luxury commissioning superbly crafted goods to show their status and power. Sumptuous textiles created an earthly paradise in their home.
We at MahMorvarid have a passion for Persian Art. We seek to bring all the magical pattern and textile of old Persia to modern fashion and lifestyle that reflect the beauty of this art so that you will enjoy an atmosphere of paradise your everyday life . By creating these products it is our hope that you will be reminded each and every day magic of Persian Art.

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