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Lo’bat was formed in 2018. This brand started when two old friends (Golnar Ahmadian & Hediyeh Maadi Tehrani, founders of Lo’Bat) joined their creative minds in efforts to create handmade accessories, inspired and encouraged to follow this path, since they both have great respect towards women, because they were raised with strict standards, as part of living in the Persian society, where women are highly respected. This company came into fruition, as a result of two individuals having parallel beliefs and dreams. Golnar Ahmadian graduated with a Bacherlor’s degree in the field of Architecture, as it contemplates her artistic sight, and Hedieh graduated with a degree in chemistry; although her passion has always been in the jewelry design industry, she followed this passion and continued her education by attending courses on creating and branding gold accessories. Golnar also is studying fashion management to learn how they can expand their brand professionally. The Lo’bat girls have always kept their consciousness about materials and their potential impact to the environment; as it is encouraged in their designs, they started a research on the least harmful material to the environment, and the answer came out to be the recycled material. About the material: in efforts to minimize any environmental damages, Lo’bat decided to follow the path of using recycled material, as part of their fashion design, also known as green trend; which helped inspired other fashion designers to follow this environmental consciousness. The name Lo’bat came from an ancient term used to compliment Persian women; the term means beautiful lady. The name resembles the cultural side of Persian fashion designs, and the impact it has on today’s modern world. The designs can be characterized as a contrast between softness and hardness, ideally to make any lady feel confident with a strong character. Although the base material of Lobat is recycled paper, it doesn’t actually come in touch with the skin. The recycled paper is layered with paint and a top coat which ensures that customers who may have sensitive skin towards recycled paper can wear it. Although the recycled paper doesn’t come in touch with the skin, we do our due diligence of cleaning the recycled paper with anti infectants, and then by adding paint and topcoat, we ensure Lobat accessories is clean and safe to use for our customers. Because the base material of Lobat accessories is paper, we recommend that it does not come in touch with water, and it is kept in dry and non humid conditions. While the material out of which Lobat accessories are made of is simply paper; the catch is that these accessories are not made of brand new paper, but instead made out of recycled paper that is no longer useful. In this way, Lobat makes very attractive , and extremely light accessories for its customers in an environmentally friendly manner that does no harm to our planet earth and indeed promotes the “green trend”.

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Shipping Policy

Shipping is within 7 days after purchase from Canada to all destinations via Canada post. It take a couple of days to be delivered to Canada, 5 to 10 business days to the US and 7 to 15 business days to other countires. If you need an order to be delivered faster, please send us a message via the messaging system or contact seller at and request that. There will be an addiotnal charge of between $20 to $30. 

Return Policy

Refunds are made only if sent back after 5 days from delivery time, no scratches and unused. 10% restocking will be deducted as Lobat pieces are handmade per order and shopper is in charge of sending back unless there is somwthing wrong with the piece. If there is something wring with the piece, Lobat covers the shipping back.