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I am an UK based Iranian Jewellery designer artist and was born in 1982 in Iran. Since my childhood, I was always interested in artworks. I had a deep passion for creating jewellery pieces but didn’t know the best way to start.

My journey into an art world began with designing my first collection of fabric statues known as “My Aunties” which later on elected for the final round of statue competition in Tehran, Iran. Further, I displayed this collection in different art exhibitions in Iran. In 2013, I worked under the direct supervision of Master Danial Zirak for six years who is a Master of an Iranian art school of teaching, also known as Saqqa-Khaneh. In his studioy, I gained different experiences and created unique handmade silver pieces. in 2017, I started learning a new technique known as, enamelling and worked with an enamelling artist in Tehran, Iran. Using his expertise and supervision, I learnt traditional Iranian enamelling art techniques which later on applied in my own collections.

I am the founder and creator of my own collection of jewellery brand known as “Joohar” which was established in 2020. The word Joohar is Persian which means “substance”. It is believed that the movement of substances create existence in the world. The art of enamelling is the foundation of my creations. So far, I have successfully designed three main collections known as “Her eyes”, “Third eye” and “Red rose”. I have also created other unique collections based on fabrics and yarn. I have always interested in incorporating some mystery in my own designs. I do believe it is important to leave an untold story so that one can find out with their own imagination.

To conclude, the art of jewellery design helps an artist to become part of people’s life. These unique pieces will become part of one’s self and create new memories for a lifetime. Hence, an artwork will stay forever. In another word, “an immortal existence”.

Thank you.

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