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This company is run by a couple involved in fine art. Jila is a fashion designer Known for unique ideas,and Ali is an architect and sculptor. Partnered together, they bring high fashion with a unique and innovative approach. Jila Atelier carries two fashion lines, Haute couture and ready-to-wear.

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  1. Silk Loos Unique Dress
    Silk Loos Unique Dress
    As low as $280.00
  2. Silk top and pants ensemble
  3. Beaded white silk gown inspired by Masjed shah
  4. Red Hot Unique Open Back Silk Top
  5.  Top And Pants Ensemble silk blend
  6. Long Dress With Cape - Silk Velvet With Hand Painting And Beading
  7. Linen Dress Hand Painted
    Linen Dress Hand Painted
    As low as $250.00
  8. Hand Painted Linen Top
    Hand Painted Linen Top
    As low as $120.00