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  1. Handmade yellow bronze whale pin badge
  2. Handmade oxidized silver whale pin brooch
  3. Minimal Ring, Silver Ring, Resin Ring, Red Ring, Hexagon Ring, Hexagon Silver Ring, Handmade Ring, Handmade Silver Ring, Modern Ring, Ring
  4. Minimalist silver and resin hexagon stud earrings
  5. Oxidized Silver and Brass Circle Minimal Stud Earrings
  6. Statement oxidized silver necklace with white pearl
  7. Minimal silver and jasper beads necklace
  8. Delicate hand cut domed silver stud earrings
  9. Geometric mismatched oxidized silver stud earrings
  10. Yellow bronze gecko necklace
  11. Minimal textured silver & dark pearl necklace
  12. Minimal sterling silver mismatched earrings
  13. Beautiful Silver & Bronze Bird Necklace
  14. Minimal silver & resin pomegranate necklace
  15. Sterling silver & red matte resin pomegranate ring
  16. Minimalist oxidized silver ring with yellow bronze bird
  17. Dainty Small Silver Bird Threader
  18. Handmade minimal textured silver & pearls long necklace
  19. Unique sterling silver and freshwater pearls necklace
  20. Unique hand-painted barberry wood & silver necklace
  21. Hand cut oxidized silver domed pin brooch
  22. Hand cut sterling silver snowflake stud earrings
  23. Modern Oxidized Silver & white pearls necklace
  24. Minimal mismatched oxidized silver stud earrings
  25. Asymmetrical oxidized silver earrings
  26. Dainty sterling silver bird necklace
  27. Delicate silver & yellow bronze bird necklace
  28. Contemporary geometric silver and colored resin pin brooch
  29. Dainty dangle & drop silver and bronze bird earrings
  30. Bird Ring, Oxidized Silver Ring With Brass Bird, Minimal Ring, Modern Ring, Handmade Ring, Silver Ring, Everyday Ring, Silver And Brass Ring
  31. Minimalist silver ring, Oxidized silver ring with brass dots, Black ring, Silver and brass ring, Black and gold ring, handmade modern ring
  32. Handmade hexagon silver & resin drop earrings
  33. Contemporary silver and resin hexagon earrings
  34. Minimal silver and colored resin hexagon necklace
  35. Modern colorful silver and resin hexagon necklace
  36. Contemporary silver and burgundy resin hexagon necklace
  37. Silver handmade unique flower pendant
  38. Hand Cut Oxidized Silver Domed necklace
  39. Hand cut domed oxidized silver stud earrings
  40. Handmade sterling silver snowflake necklace
  41. Unique oxidized silver cute sheep pin badge
  42. Small dainty sterling silver stud earrings
  43. Unique minimal silver & pearl necklace
  44. Modern sterling silver asymmetrical earrings
  45. Delicate oxidized silver and freshwater pearl necklace
  46. Minimal silver & freshwater pearl stud earrings
  47. Small minimal silver and resin pomegranate pin badge
  48. Delicate silver earrings with yellow bronze birds
  49. Minimal sterling silver pomegranate earrings
  50. Minimal sterling silver pomegranate necklace
  51. Textured silver necklace with yellow bronze bird
  52. Hand cut sterling silver pomegranate branch necklace
  53. Oxidized silver & brass grains flower pin brooch
  54. Hand cut dangle & drop silver flower earrings
  55. Handmade minimal oxidized Silver and brass grains stud earrings
  56. Handmade oxidized silver whale tail necklace
  57. Handmade minimal oxidized silver pendant with white pearl
  58. Handmade Oxidized Silver Layered Flower Necklace
  59. Sterling silver & red matte resin pomegranate earrings
  60. Delicate silver & pearl flower necklace

Items 1-60 of 89

Set Descending Direction