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  1. handmade silver minimal stackable rings
  2. handmade wide silver and citrine stone ring
  3. handmade silver and blue lapis ring tear shape
  4. Zan Zendegi Azadi woman life freedom in 18k yellow gold, or gold plated silver
  5. Woman Life Freedom Zan Zendegi Azadi silver round necklace
  6. Woman Life Freedom zan zendegi azadi silver long necklace
  7. Woman Life Freedom zan zendegi azadi silver 3 disc necklace
  8. Personalized Two names Bracelet in Farsi or Persian, Arabic, Urdu
  9. Custom Persian Calligraphy Name Necklace With Beads
  10. Personalized Persian Calligraphy Name Necklace-18k Gold with Gold chain
  11. Personalized Persian Calligraphy Name Necklace
  12. Silver Calligraphy Personalized Shot Glass Set
  13. Persian Iran Silver Ornament
  14. Silver pomegranate earring
    Silver pomegranate earring
    FREE shipping
  15. Two Names Persian Calligraphy Genuine blue sapphire and Diamonds Evil eye 18 K Gold and diamonds
  16. Personalized Persian or Arabic Calligraphy Necklace in 18 k yellow gold
  17. Custommade Name Necklace With Evil Eye
  18. Custom Made Name Leather Bracelet
  19. Personalized Two Name Necklace With Evil Eye-choose Your Name And Material
  20. Persian Calligraphy Name Earring
  21. Handmade Bird Earring
    Handmade Bird Earring
    As low as $80.00
  22. Handmade Necklace With Evil Eye
  23. Persian Calligraphy Silver Shot Glass Set Of Two Cheers To Love
  24. Girls Calligraphy Name Bracelet
  25. Custom Made Silver Calligraphy Bracelet
  26. Patina Silver This Too Shall Pass (in Niz Bogzarad)
  27. Custom Order Name Leather Bracelet With Small Engrave On It
  28. God In Persian Calligraphy Necklace
  29. Custom Made Silver Number Ring
  30. Persian Initial Earrings
  31. Handmade Calligraphy Earring
  32. Custom Made Persian Calligraphy Necklace
  33. Two Names Silver Ring
  34. Three Name Necklace -choose Your Name And Material
  35. Persian Calligraphy Three Names Pearl Bracelet
  36. Custom-made Baby Name Bracelet
  37. Persian Calligraphy Two Names Leather Bracelet
  38. Personalized Persian Calligraphy Necklace
  39. Silver/18k Gold Iran Map Necklace
  40. Angel Wings Anklet
    Angel Wings Anklet
    As low as $80.00
  41. Silver Iran Map Key Chain
  42. Custom Order Iran Cuff Link
  43. This Too Shall Pass Leather Bracelet In Silver
  44. Initial Silver Key Chain
  45. Name Calligraphy Necklace In Different Material
  46. Patina Silver Farvahar Necklace
  47. Handmade Adjustable Silver Pomegranate Ring
  48. Love In Persian Calligraphy Necklace
  49. Little Girl Necklace In Silver
  50. Persian Initial In Silver/gold Bracelet
  51. Persian Calligraphy Silver Shot Glass Set Of Two
  52. Morghe Amin In Different Material
  53. Initial Persian Necklace In Different Material
  54. Custom Persian Name Bracelet - Choose A Word And Material
  55. Custom Made Earring In Silver And Gold
  56. Mother Of Pearl Love Necklace
  57.  Name Or Word With Pearl Pendant In Silver Or Gold
  58. Custom Order Silver Shot Glasses-set Of Two
  59. Jani O Deli Pendant In Silver Or Gold
  60. Flat Iran Pendant In Silver Or Gold

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