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  1. Vatan Necklace Persian Necklace Iran Jewelry
  2. Firoozeh Bote Jeghe Turquoise Paislely Persian Necklace
  3. Persian Calligraphy Handmade Eshgh Love 24k Gold Plated Earrings
  4. Persian Handmade Eshgh Love Sterling Silver and 24k Gold Plated Ankle Bracelet
  5. Persian Handmade Paisley Brass And Turquoise Brooch
  6. Persian Handmade Brass And Turquoise Farsi Brooch
  7. Sterling Silver Eshgh Love Persian Tassel Earrings
  8. Sterling Silver Eshgh Love White Persian Tassel Earrings
  9. 18k Solid Gold Persian Farvahar Leather Bracelet
  10. "zan" Calligraphy Persian Earrings
  11. Eshgh Necklace With Baroque Pearls
  12. Persian Pomegranate Earrings/anar
  13. Vintage Style Coin Earrings With Amethyst
  14. Citrine Qajar Coin Necklace
  15. Aquamarine coin Ring
  16. Pomegranate Garnet Earrings
  17. Square Coin Turquoise Ring
  18. Handmade Persian Calligraphy Poem Necklace Harcheh Badabad
  19. Eshgh Love Necklace
    Eshgh Love Necklace
    As low as $110.00
  20. Non Identical Persian Calligraphy Earrings Harcheh Badabad
  21.  3 Layers Persian Love Eshgh Necklace
  22. Firoozeh Necklace Persian jewelry
    SOLD Request to be Made
  23. Eshgh Crystal Persian Calligraphy Necklace
  24. Vintage Iranian Pahlavi Era Coin Earrings With Green Onyx
  25. Persian Calligraphy Earrings Booseh
  26. Eshgh Necklace Persian Jewelry
  27. Booseh Unique Handmade Persian Calligraphy Necklace In Silver
  28. Etched Eshgh/ Love Dangling Earrings
  29. Love Birds On A Hoop Earrings
  30. Persian Eshgh Love 24k Gold Plated Over Sterling Silver Turquoise Necklace
  31. Eshgh Love Persian Bracelets
  32. Persian Calligraphy Handmade Silver Brass Earrings Farsi Rumi
  33. Eshgh Love Earrings
  34. Handmade To Mara Jano Jahani Persian Sterling Silver Earrings
  35. Persian Ancient Coin Necklace
  36. Eshgh necklace  Persian jewelry  Farsi jewelry alangoo
  37. Farvahar Necklace Fravehar Necklace
  38. Asheghi Necklace Persian Jewelry Farsi Necklace
  39. Iran Persian Calligraphy Earrings
  40. Be Raghs A Earrings Molana Earrings Persian Poem Jewelry
  41. Pearl Earrings Eshgh Earrings Love Earrings Farsi Earrings
    SOLD Request to be Made
  42. Eshgh And Hamsa Necklace
  43. Ashegh Persian Earrings
  44. Eshgh Necklace With Carnelian
  45. Persian Sterling Silver Turquoise Calligraphy Earrings-ari Zendegi Zibast
    SOLD Request to be Made
  46. Sterling Silver Gold Plated(h) Stud Jewels Dangles Earrings
  47. Green Emerald Gol O Morgh Floral Pattern Earrings
  48. Eslimi Red Garnette Garnet Stone Persian Earrings
  49. Velvet Miniature earrings
  50. Pomegranate  Necklace yalda jewelry
  51. Amethyst Bracelet handmade Persian jewelry Eshgh
  52. Farvahar Leather Bracelet
    SOLD Request to be Made
  53. Hich Ring Persian calligraphy jewelry
  54. 24k goldplated Mix AND Match dangling Eshgh and shark tooth earrings
    SOLD Request to be Made
  55. Turquoise coin earrings
  56. Persian Calligraphy Turquoise Eshgh Necklace
  57. Persain Calligraphy Eshgh Cuff Bracelet
    SOLD Request to be Made
  58. Sterling Silver Eshgh Earrings
  59. Persian Feather Eshgh Love Sterling Silver and Amethyst Earrings
  60. Hamsa Hand Earrings/gold Plated Over Silver

Items 1-60 of 80

Set Descending Direction