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  1. Evil eye earrings with black and white feathers
  2. Evil eye earrings with red feathers
  3. Persian calligraphy ladies socks  black
  4. Persian poem  ladies socks  white
  5. Tehran ladies socks  white
  6. Kids girls Tshirt khoshhal o khandan by Sara Tabibzadeh
  7. Farvahar  mug Persian mug
  8. Red evil eye  glazed ring
  9. Two Persian names necklace
  10. Afsaneh va Zaal comic book in Persian
  11. Carpet Persian Pattern Cushion
  12. Persian story cushion
  13. Persian cushion qajar king and beer
  14. Miniature engraved earrings with carnelian
  15. Persian Name Necklace Negar
  16. Persian Name Necklace Shabnam
  17. Baby onesie T Little Prince. Sara Tabibzadeh for ALANGOO
  18. Onesiie Tshirt khoshhal o khandan by Sara Tabibzadeh
  19. Handmade brass and mother of pearl bracelet Persian jewelry
  20. Handcrafted bronze Peykan earrings by Farish
  21. Handcrafted bronze necklace by Farish. Zarih Collection
  22. Handcrafted bronze necklace - Media Collection by Farish-Shargh
  23. Handcrafted bronze necklace - Media Collection by Farish-Iran
  24. Handcrafted bronze ring by Farish. Zarih Collection
  25. Persian Calligraphy Brass Calligraphy Earrings
  26. Nowruz Haftseen Fish jewelry
  27. Etched Silver Unique Earrings With Agate Stone And Floral Patterns
  28. Persian Brass Unique Handmade Square Earrings With Purple Tassel
  29. Persian Ethnic Artisan Needle Work Embroidered Long Necklace With Tassel
  30. Persian Calligraphy Brass Handmade Ring With Turquoise
  31. Bronze Handmade Baby Doll Ring In Persian/arabic
  32. Handmade Brass Necklace With Turquoise And Pink Crystal And Molavi's Poem In Persian Calligraphy
  33. Handmade Pomegranate And Vintage Coin Earrings
  34. Vintage Pahlavi Coin And Blue Stone Ring
  35. Vintage Pahlavi Coin Patterned Ring

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