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  1. Persian Silver Handmade Old Lock Stud Earring
  2. Persian Silver Handmade Key Stud Earring
  3. Wooden handmade Persian Miniature Characters magnet and stickers blue
  4. Evil eye earrings with red feathers
  5. Unique  long thread colorful earrings
  6. Red evil eye  glazed ring
  7. Carpet Persian Pattern Cushion
    Carpet Persian Pattern Cushion
    Special Price $22.50 Regular Price $45.00
  8. Persian cushion qajar king and beer
    Persian cushion qajar king and beer
    Special Price $22.50 Regular Price $45.00
  9. Persian story cushion
    Persian story cushion
    Special Price $22.50 Regular Price $45.00
  10. Nowruz Haftseen Fish Earrings Nowruz Haftseen Fish Earrings
  11. Persian Calligraphy Brass Calligraphy Earrings

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