Klozar is an organization aimed at supporting women weavers residing in the rural areas, such as Kurdistan, Sanandaj, Bijar, Hashtgerd, Eslam shahr, Tehran, Nezam Abad. Through supply and distribution of these high quality craft products, Klozar creates a market for craftswomen whose art is at the edge of deterioration. Klozar Designs (KD) was founded by Soheila Moayed Jafarie and Shaghayegh Cyrous in Hashtgerd, Iran in 2014 and San Francisco in 2016. The products are fair trade, Soheila hand picks the highest quality weaving in person and compensates the weavers twice the national average. KD has received many awards including the best cultural entrepreneur of IR by cultural heritage of Tehran in 2015. Klozar product consists entirely of handwoven kilims with no cuts. This places a considerable novelty value on the products which has resulted in quality certificate from ICHTO (IR Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization). KD is one of the organizations that keep the local hand woven industry alive because until now few were fighting to preserve this important artisan craft as many machines are taking over the work of hand weavers. Moreover, KD brings back the traditional colors and patterns that were going to die out and re-purposes the weaving for a more contemporary use and style. Each bag has its label identifying where and who made it. The label also gives the name of the traditional design that has been passed down through their family for many generations, for example brides crown and apple blossoms.

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