Known as "the pioneers of Iranian rock" (The Berlin Daily Newspaper), Kiosk is a band praised for their sharp and satirical lyrics, as well as their unique blend of musical styles, from rock to gypsy jazz to Iranian folk. The name "Kiosk" stems from the band's original formation in a Tehran basement in 2003 by its guitarist and lead singer Arash Sobhani. After Kiosk was prevented from performing in public and publishing recordings due to "inappropriate" lyrics, the band members re-grouped outside Iran in 2005. Their first album, Ordinary Man (Adame Mamooli) (2005) was the first underground album from Iran to be officially released on iTunes. They then released five more albums--Amor de la Velocidad (Eshghe Sor'at) (2007), Global Zoo (Baghe Vahshe Jahani) (2008), and Triple Distilled: Live at Yoshi's (Seh Takhtireh) (2010), Outcome of Negotiations (Natijeye Mozakerat) (2011), Parallel Establishments (Tashkilate Movazi) (2013), Call a Cab (Zang Bezan Ajans) (2014). Stereo Tull Presents is Kiosk's most recent album. Watch the video to learn more.

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