Silver Earrings With Persepolis Inspired Motif
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Celebrate your ancient Persian heritage.  The moif of the bull headed capitals was taken from such capitals supporting the roof of the Throne Room of the Apadana. 

The pendants were made in Iran and are part of a series I have.  The motifs are adapted from reliefs at Persepolis (Takht-e Jamshid), dating back to Achaemenian times. (550-330 BCE).

The ear wires are Argentium sterling silver, which resist tarnishing.  I do not know the silver content of the Iranian pendants but is most probably sterling silver.

See other jewelry examples with these pendants.

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I do not guarantee breakage from defects in the stones or materials themselves as these are not possible to discover beforehand. I will replace them at cost of material and shipping.

I will also adapt items that can be resized. Some designs will not allow changes in size, but I can add extenders in many cases.

If your item should break under conditions not covered here I can do some types of repair work.  Please contact me

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I understand that this was a one of a kind. I wanted the pendant desperately...I have found another, not as detailed. But I'm wondering if the oxidized means it turns my neck green? Could you help with this? Hyperslw | 05 Jun 2016

Nice!!!!! indieclothesfanatic | 21 Feb 2013
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