Pomegranate Necklace With Calligraphy Poem Side
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This handmade enamel necklace is made of 18K gold using red garnet. Pomegranate has always been used in religion and mythology as a symbol of wealth and fertility. Whether you are looking for a unique piece for your everyday use or a gift for a loved one this necklace is an amazing choice. Garnet is a gemstone which is believed to protect you against bad luck.
The written side is a part of a poem by Molana Rumi, the greatest Sufi mystic and poet in the Persian language.        
‎                     ای زندگی تن و توانم همه تو 
جانی و دلی ای دل و جانم همه تو

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I have received this magnificent 18K jewelry for about 25 days. As soon I opened the box up, I realized how much it's worth ordering it. The shipping was very fast. Thanks for Lili Niko and her design. Overall the price was so great even with the gold inflation. Thanks for your all hard work to bring me this gorgeous jeweled crown. I am so satisfied with my purchase and will come back to get more. The rate is 5 out of 5 stars. Guest user | 12 Jul 2020

The pendant of this necklace is nice and quite lovely, but the 18k gold plated chain is very flimsy and broke during my first time wearing it. I received this as a Christmas gift. During my first time wearing it, the chain broke without me tugging on the chain or putting force on it. The chain wasn't able to be mended without it being soldered together, so we contacted Alangoo about potentially replacing the necklace. Alangoo's customer service and communication is why I'm giving this a 1 star review. When we contacted Alangoo about replacing the necklace due to the defective chain, they stated that the chain was very delicate and that I should've been more careful with handling it. However, they agreed to accept a return for replacement of the necklace. We mailed the necklace back and did not hear back or receive anything in return for almost 2 weeks. When we contacted them again, Alangoo's customer service 1) blamed me again for being too rough on the necklace chain, 2) complained about having to pay twice for shipping since they'd have to pay to ship a new necklace out to us, but never once did we complain about having to also pay for shipping again to send the necklace back, 3) stated that our requests meant that we weren't supporting Iranian artists (huh???), and 4) stated that Alangoo does not follow the US "customer is always right" mentality...when they are a company based in the US. Extremely, extremely unprofessional. The cherry on top of this ordeal is that after spending $80 on this necklace in total, we got sent back the wrong color. GT | 27 Apr 2020
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