Persian Eshgh Love 24k Gold Plated Over Sterling Silver Turquoise Necklace


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Here is our most favorite Eshgh Necklace, made out of Sterling Silver.  Also available in silver color and chain.

The piece is 20 inches long.

Please keep in mind these pieces are handmade and the stones are used per availability. The actual piece you receive might have a dangling stone with some minor changes in shape.

Made to order, please allow about 7 to 12 days. You can leave a comment at the time of purchase or send me a message at the product page, if you have a any questions.

I bought Handmade Persian Pomegranate Earrings Anar, Yalda, and what I received is very different from what is being shown on the website. Not happy with it, and it is not returnable. Sara Hadavi | 13 Jan 2019
It looks even better than the picture I was thrilled when I received it!! I can’t wait to wear them. Thank you so much for designing such a beautiful piece Also I just need to add that Niloo was great and answered all my questions before I ordered this piece. And it was exactly what she described to me. Guest user | 22 Jan 2018
Like this piece! IranAudioBook | 12 Dec 2017
These non identical earrings are really beautiful; I receive so many compliments when wearing them Golineh | 20 Feb 2017
I want to have some made please. I cannot seem to submit the "request to made" comment. | 26 Jun 2016
Hi, if i want this in silver what is the price please? | 14 Mar 2016
$106!! For a knockoff? True artists create originals. Tan | 15 Dec 2015
when this item will be available? zahra | 15 Apr 2015
What is the size? Firoozeh | 17 Feb 2015
How big is this? Firoozeh | 17 Feb 2015
I really like this ring and i like to order one .i appreciate it. Dory Jackson | 02 Jan 2015
Hi, I can't seem to be clicking on the request to be made-button. Can I order these? nazila | 01 Jan 2015
Armita Khanom, Man narahati shoma ra mitoonam dark konam vali bi adabi lahne va goftar shoma barayam taajob avar hast va fogolade unprofessional. Makhsoosan agar kare shoma honar hast!! Shoma agar mitoonestid “peigiri” konid ham chenin lahne zeshti ro be khod nemigereftid. Man ham sazandeh hastam va ham designer. Yeki az doostanam in tarh ra barayeh man ferestad ke barayash bezam va man sakhtam va rooyeh safheyeh alaangoyeh khodam ham gozashtam. man mesle shoma bi adab nakham bood va sai khaham kard in moshkel ra bedoon tohmat zadan va be tor professional hal konim Shoma 2 option darid: 1. Be man neshan dahid ke in design male shoma hast va man ba kamala meil credit design in kar ra mitoonam be shoma bedam. 2. agar shoma “copy right” in design ro darid lotfan beferestid va man ba kamele mail az rooyeh safhe var midaram va har jarimeii ke bayad pardakht beshe khaham pardakht. Montazere khabar az shoma hastam. Be omid ayandeii ke honarmandan betoonan ba ham kar konan, na bar alayhe ham. Niloofar | 26 Oct 2014
In tarhe mane kheali dozdio bichare ke intori kare ino ono be esme khodet mizary fekr kardi nemishe peygiri konam armita | 26 Oct 2014
For Sure,I'll let you know honey. Niloofar | 15 Sep 2014
Please contact me when you get more jerzeygirl | 14 Sep 2014
Hi Artsheid, Yes we do still have them, and we are shipping worldwide. There is a 5$ shipping fee for Canada.So LMK if you are interested please. Niloofar | 04 Feb 2014
Hello, Do you still have them? Any shipping to canada? Artsheid | 03 Feb 2014
Shadras joon, Motshaakeram az hamdaridie shoma. Niloofar | 05 Nov 2013
azizam shoma mesle inke kolan karaton copy e. moteasefam baraton shadras | 05 Nov 2013

Returnable within a week for a full refund.

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Ship to Australia & New Zealand $ 15 $ 18
Ship to Other Countries $ 15 $ 18
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