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The Nile Collection takes its name and inspiration from both the number ″zero″ which is fundamental to mathematics and the Nile river which was the foundation of a glorious civilization. The Greek historian Herodotus wrote that ″Egypt was the gift of the Nile″. The Nile River has been a blessing for Egyptian civilization and played an important role in its development. Egyptians were able to estimate the duration of seasons and harvest time by observing the Nile. These fertile lands allowed the developing community to incorporate simple mathematical calculations into their lives. These calculations have led to the emergence of the concept of ″zero″, which accelerated the development of mathematics to an extraordinary extent. This collection emphasizes that one particular symbol can be re-interpreted to fit different aesthetic approaches.

► Details:  - Colored Cotton Ropes, Magnetic Closure, Climbing Cord - Handmade  - Unique Design 

Designer: Annorimo

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