Persian Calligraphy Leather And Cotton Scarf


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Made with leatehr and cotton. Designed and make by Mahsan

great product Ankitaa | 09 Sep 2017
Love this ear jacket. Wear it all the time and get many compliments. ALANGOO | 08 Sep 2017
@Nazilamahsan hi there I'm still waiting for a reply. Could you please let me know Thank you Kitty | 29 Jun 2016
Hi there I would like to order this ring in silver colour though. I already ordered the earring and I want the ring to go with it. Please let me know Thanks Kitty | 22 Jun 2016
@mosafera, sorry about that. This piece is a ring. NazilaMahsan | 20 Jun 2016
Hi, I fine this piece really beautiful, but is it a ring ?.. Because I saw it's written "earring". I just wanted to be sure. I havé another question about the "hand" silver pendant; What is written on it ? I couldn't catch the word... Thanks ni advance, have a great day, Line Golineh | 13 Jun 2016
Hi I really like your designs and would love to order this. Can you email me back and tell me how to go about it. Thanks parisaellini | 13 Nov 2015

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