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Please meet 'Shooshoo'.

A 20 cm handmade doll by Nogol.
Shooshoo is Dash Nasser's sister. She dances and sings in 'Kabareh' (a scene where the singer, player or an actor goes on top and dance, play music or act for the viewers who sit on the chairs by their table drinking and eating while watching the show)

Interesting enough Dash Nasser is not very prejudice about her dancing and singing in Kabarehs but what will make his blood boils in his veins, is if one day he understands about her sister's affair with Mandes Shahbal. Yes! She is Mandes Shahbal's mistress and every now and then at nights while Dash Nasser is sleeping, she takes the lantern and slowly sneaks out of the house. 

If Dash-Nasser find out about her affair, for sure he will kill her! It is a serios matter! It is about 'Namoos' (honor and reputation).
(She comes with out the lantern) Please go to House Of Persia, www.alangoo.com to purchase any family memebr of Mash-Mammad. Thank you.



Beautiful and unique works of art. I love them. Jessica Steele | 10 Nov 2018
Hello Designer! I like to know if you make the Morgh E Amin necklace just like the one SHAHRZAD wears. Best, Mobina Mobinant | 18 May 2016
LOL This is great! ALANGOO | 09 Apr 2014

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