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Shahr Banoo is Mash Mamad's wife. She is a handmade Persian doll by Nogol. She is a house wife, right now she is preparing pomegranate (Anar doon mikoneh) for Yalda night (Shab e Cheleh)


Yalda is one of the most celebrated traditional events in Iran which marks the longest night of the year. Every year, on December 21st, Iranian celebrate the arrival of winter, the renewal of the sun and the victory of light over darkness on this night. They go family or friends and eat pomegranate, watermelon, nuts and... They also read alot of poems (usualy of Hafez) in this night.


She is 20 cm long, wrapped with the traditional flowery coton fabric which is use for praying called 'Chador Naamaz'.

She is wearing her yellow gold jewelry which Mash mamad bought for her reacently.

She has felt slippers and viscose dress , a steal tray with pomegranate and its little pieces inside (made out of yonolite and beads) ready for Mash mamad to come home and eat with Golpar and salt. :)


Beautiful and unique works of art. I love them. Jessica Steele | 10 Nov 2018
Hello Designer! I like to know if you make the Morgh E Amin necklace just like the one SHAHRZAD wears. Best, Mobina Mobinant | 18 May 2016
LOL This is great! ALANGOO | 09 Apr 2014

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