Hand made Persian Poem in Silver Earings- Ba man beman
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Crafted by hand, this piece tells its own story with a carved Persian poem whose art creates a language we all understand.  Whether you're super-passionate about exotic Persian poetry or just like the way it looks, you won't be disappointed with this artwork of genuine silver. 

The little bird is inspired by Persian Gol o Morgh motif. (bird and flower). The Persian calligraphy language attached to the bird means: Stay with me my soulmate. The Persian writing on the other half of the piece means: A little bit of love is better than all horizons.

Material: Material: 999 fine silver plated and ruby

Piece is 2.5 inches long

Ready to ship

Hi I would like ot buy this necklae but wanted to know what was written on it first. Khosh? thanks Maryam Namazie | 20 Mar 2018

thank you fr the beautiful piece Sohi61 | 08 Mar 2018

Love this artisan's artwork! shahriarnayeri | 18 Feb 2018

Love it. ALANGOO | 22 Jan 2017

Hi Please let me know what are the materials used in this design? What is the shipping time to Malaysia? Can I add customized engraving on the back? if yes what will be the extra charges? emperial | 31 Jul 2016

Great, thank you :) nnobari | 25 Jul 2015

Please put a photo with this pair of earings on a human ear. carmen | 01 Mar 2015

I am ordering this in as a Pin bita | 21 Nov 2014

Hi, do you make the same design again? Violet | 24 Mar 2014

Thanks Daiana. I'm happy that you liked them. MkJ | 22 Dec 2013

It says eshgh danad MkJ | 22 Dec 2013

I bought these super pretty earring ,they are perfect ... thanks diana | 18 Dec 2013

they looks beautiful in the photo ... in real they are absolutely brilliant , Love them diana | 18 Dec 2013

I want this , how can I order? diana | 26 Oct 2013

is it possible to re stock them? diana | 21 Oct 2013

love them diana | 21 Oct 2013

I love this piece. I own it and. I get compliments everytime. Roxanasamimi@gmail.com | 25 Aug 2013

Thank you. Can you explain to me how to see it? Icant make it out Roxanasamimi@gmail.com | 25 Aug 2013

It say eshgh danad roxana joon MkJ | 20 Aug 2013

What does this necklace say on the side opposite the Raha bash side? Roxanasamimi@gmail.com | 18 Aug 2013

I was wondering what the other earring says. Is there a poem on that side as well? Roxanasamimi@gmail.com | 18 Aug 2013

Please email admin@alangoo.com ALANGOO | 16 May 2013

Hi Bita, please email admin@alangoo.com. ALANGOO | 16 May 2013

Hi Bita, it is about about 1.5 inches. You can email admin@alangoo.com to place an order. ALANGOO | 16 May 2013

Hi Gol, you can email admin@alangoo.com and request your order. ALANGOO | 16 May 2013

Maysa, please contact me via this page. thank you. MkJ | 15 Apr 2013

yes you can bita joon. sorry for the late response. please contact me via the page. MkJ | 15 Apr 2013

The item is sold out. How do I order again? Gol | 11 Mar 2013

What is the size of "Handmade Silver Necklace Depicting a Persian Poem-Baharam baash" and can't it be ordered? Thanks bita | 05 Feb 2013

Hello, Is it possible to order Handmade Silver Earrings Depicting a Persian Poem-Baharam baash? Thanks bita | 05 Feb 2013

Is it possible to order Morgh e Sahar-Handcarved silver earrings depicting a Persian poem I? bita | 05 Feb 2013

Hello Is it possible to order these earrings? Thank you bita | 05 Feb 2013

Is there anyway to order this peice? bita | 03 Feb 2013

Hi there :) I was wondering if I can order one of these earrings? Maysa | 12 Jan 2013

Hi there :) I was wondering if I can order one of these earrings? Maysa | 12 Jan 2013

comment? MkJ | 08 Dec 2012

Yes you can Elnaz. Sorry for the late reply. MkJ | 08 Dec 2012

since this item is sold out, is there a way I can order it? elnaz | 31 Jul 2012

Full refund within 7 days of receipt. item will be shipped within 1 to 3 days after purchase. 

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