Black Geometrical 3d Printing Hat


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Black geometrical  3D printing Hat

are you fancy fashionable geometrical jewelry, then this collection can be your jam, this geometrical hat is part of my last collection, inspired by modern architecture, funded by ART Council of Wales. you can find more 3d printing pieces in my shop.

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ÈÑÇی ÎÑیÏ ÏÑ ÇیÑÇä ÈÇ Çیä ی ÏÑ ÝیÓ Èæ˜ ÏÑ ÊãÇÓ ÈÇÔیÏ. Sahar Saki | 20 Jul 2013
hi is there any way to buy these handmade jewels in tehran?! tnx mahya_ket | 16 Jul 2013

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