Lion And Sun Silver Earrings
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  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Dimension : 2 cm diameter
  • Handcrafted
  • Design: Nilgoon Rayegan; derived from luster tile designs during Ilkhanid period in Iran (The Lion and Sun is one of the main emblems of Iran (Persia), and formerly was an element in Iran's national flag until the 1979 Iranian Revolution. The motif illustrates ancient and modern Iranian traditions. The lion and sun symbol  has many historical meanings. First, as a scientific and secular motif, it was only an astrological and zodiacal symbol. Under the Safavid and the first Qajar kings, it became more associated with Shia Islam. During the Safavid era, the lion and sun stood for the two pillars of society, the state and the Islamic religion. It became a national emblem during the Qajar era. In the 19th century, European visitors at the Qajar court attributed the lion and sun to remote antiquity; since then, it has acquired a nationalistic interpretation).
  • Durable for all occasions
  • This item comes with Nira’s elegant gift box.

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