Shahyad Tower 3d Print Candle Holder
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This is a 15x10x9cm large 3d printed model of Shahyad Tower, which we modelled and brought to life.
It has a hole at the top that can fit 20/21mm wide candles (a very usual size, can be found everywhere).
Since this is a 3d printed model, care should be taken when the candle reaches the base of the hole, as extended 
periods of exposure of the plastic to fire can possibly deform it. Just make sure to blow the candle off before it 
gets to the bottom.

A candle is included so you can light it up straight away!

We are proud to be from Tehran and this building reminds us of home, while we live thousands of miles away.
This was the inspiration that made us create this. To see a popular sign of Tehran in our house all the time.

Ask us for any other color, we always stock more than listed here!
The picture with the different sizes is just for seeing different materials and sizes. If you want a smaller size please look at our other items.

We are happy to accept returns/refunds or replace any item you think is not up to the quality shown in the picture.

We take great care to ensure you will be happy. Shipping is through Royal Mail's large letter service to Europe or the USA and usually it takes 3-5 working days but with Covid-19 this can take longer.

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