Qajar Prince Portrait Persian Cotton Shawl
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Pattern :based on Qajar art (refers to the art, architecture, and art-forms of the Qajar dynasty of the late Persian Empire, which lasted from 1781 to 1925 in Iran (Persia).

Print On Cotton Silk
Size: 12"x 70" Inch  (30 *178 Cm)

The item is very soft and light.

Country of origin USA

About pattern : Most famous of the Qajar artworks are the portraits that were made of the various Persian Shahs. Each ruler, and many of their sons and other relatives, commissioned official portraits of themselves either for private use or public display. The most famous of these are of course the myriad portraits which were painted of Fath Ali Shah Qajar, who, with his narrow waist, long black bifurcated beard and deepest eyes, has come to exemplify the Romantic image of the great Oriental Ruler. Many of these paintings were by the artist Mihr 'Ali. While the portraits were executed at various points throughout the life of the Shah, they adhere to a canon in which the distinctive features of the ruler are emphasized.

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Do not purchase this item and do not trust this website because after more than one month waiting you are gonna get a totally different item. I ordered this scarf but what I received is totally different thing from the picture. Do not trust this people. This is fraud. Maryam Froozan | 06 Aug 2020

I ordered this manteau, but with a different painting requested for the back. It took about a month to make and it was absolutely worth the wait! I LOVE it! The painting image print is of high quality on the back and the arms and front of the garment are a deep crisp black. The manteau itself fits beautifully-- not too tight, but also not loose. The arms hang to my wrist and the lower hem falls to my knees. There are four hidden hook and eyes for a closure in the front. For reference I ordered a size S and I am 5'6" and 110lb. Thank you again for this beautiful timeless piece! | 07 Dec 2017
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