Handmade Doll Agha Joon
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Please note that his costume will be in the same fabric but slightly different color as from now on.

This is Oos-Morad, Khan-Joon's husband. He is Halaaj (the guy who used to come with his long wooden tool to open the cotton which was sunk into itself).
They use to say when 'Halaaj' or 'Panbeh-zan' is coming to the streets, the smell of Norouz (Persian New Year) is in the air. 
Oos-Morad usually walks in the streets and shout "Panbeh zan e, Panbeh zan i e" and women would bring him their 'Poshti', 'Motaka' &... (big pillows usually used for sitting on the floor to lean on). He would open them, bring all the cottons out, then sit with his tool horizontal on the floor. Keeping it with one hand and bang the pieces of cottons on the wire with the small wooden tool with the other hand. 
For him it felt like playing a 'Tar' (musical instrument which is made with wire), he enjoyed the sound of the wire. Bling, bling, bling...
The sound was inviting the children of the neighborhood. They would gather around him and watch the small pieces of white cotton flying in the air.

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I ordered this as a Persian New year gift to my toddler niece. It was shipped very quickly. The doll it's so beautifully made and so intricate. My niece love it. sanasser | 20 Mar 2020

Love these beautiful handmade dolls ALANGOO | 04 Mar 2020
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