Persian Adventure Dvd For Bilingual Kids
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Persian Adventure DVD for bilingual kids


Mixed Nutz "Persian Adventure" is the sequel to Babak & Friends - A First Norooz and the 7th episode of the series Mixed Nutz. It features Babak and five of their closest friends from around the world and teaches kids about multiculturalism. The show airs on PBS across the US and many other stations worldwide.

In this episode, the kids Babak, Saman and Sousanne meet an artist while at a Mehmooni. The artist tells them that they can use their imaginations to go anywhere they like. He then takes them on a journey through Iran to celebrate its culture and history.  They visit a Pahlavon in a traditional Zoor Khooneh, the Caspian Sea, Ali Qapu Palace, Shiraz, Isfahan, Hafez, and a real Iranian Bazaar where Babak learns how to haggle!

This DVD comes in Persian and English and features additional bonus clips and music videos. Guest starring Maz Jobrani as "Mehrdad Khan", the Artist, The Bazaari and the Pahlavon.

Mixed Nutz, aired on PBS and many other networks around the world is the sequel to Babak & Friends - A First Norooz.  

In addition to the episode, this DVD features bonus material including a music video from Abjeez.

Running time: approximately 31 minutes

Format NTSC

Studio: Norooz Productions & Big Bad Boo Productions


Actors: Maz Jobrani, Sheila Ommi

Rating: Not Rated

Languages: English, Persian

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