Triangle Blue Agate Ring
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Ring with triangle blue agate stone for woman
Rings with stones this is a very elegant jewelry for women who love natural stones and believe in its power.
Ring made by hand from brass with 3% silver and decorated with triangle agate. Big stone is enclosed in metal frame, which is perfectly combined with dark blue color of the stone. 
The stone is created by nature, its design, color and texture are unique, therefore the ring is unique. 
A ring with a big stone looks very beautiful on hand.
This ring is sure to please girls who love jewelry in the boho and gypsy style.
The size of the ring is adjustable, which means it will suit any woman.
The perfect gift for mom or girlfriend.
 Nickel free.

 Ring size is adjustable. 
The birthplace of the stone is India
Stone size: 2 cm x 3 cm / 0.7 inch x 1.2 inch
Stone Properties:
Agate is a powerful talisman. It helps women to establish a family and gives the opportunity to experience the joy of motherhood. The stone represents all the pure and immaculate human nature: spirituality, kindness, patience. This crystal contributes to the attainment of harmony and peace, avoiding conflicts and misunderstandings. Alternatively, purple mineral protects the owner from skin diseases, eliminating blemishes and smoothing wrinkles.

* Rinse the product with warm running water without chemicals and soaps.
* Clean and dry the ring
* Polish the metal part of the ring, using a soft cloth (fleece, flannel)
* You can use a special powder to clean metal

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