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Moving Bride T-Shirt
An object caressing the eye and touching the heart, adorned with beautiful and colorful objects. It resembles a "Moving Bride"!  Laari, its name, moves smoothly on the road while chasing the adoring eyes behind itself.  The idea of decorating the trucks goes back in time when horses were beautified and show cased in front of rich and famous. Now, it is a demonstrative mastery, fullfiling the dreams of their drivers and passionate artists.  Hot colors and plastic flowers adorn these moving vehicles.  Days and hours of hard work by folkloric experts and street artists in pale and simple clothing, shows the contrast between their creators and their creations. They look at them with pride and love, clean them with care and let them move softly and smoothly on the roads of Pakistan resembling a beautiful bride!
Original pictures taken  by the Designer herself!
Made of 100% cotton, sizes for women are: XS - S - Medium, Large, decorated with Swarovski crystals.

Doesn't come in X or xL size? Artsheid | 03 Feb 2014

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